Friday, March 12, 2010

Makeovers and Upcoming Items!

My sister Janae and I have decided it's time for a Blog makeover. So stay tuned for a new look in the next several days or so. The Frilly Coconut will be doing the makeover and I'm excited. Basically, I told her I like the color pink...and that's pretty much it, so we'll see what she does with that. (I suppose I could have been a bit more forthcoming, but that's basically all I know about what I want!) I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Not to mention my shop on Etsy has been revamped (a time or two!) lately! My sister Janae has been so wonderful and helpful with photos. She is the best. I strongly recommend you visit her shops on Etsy: ClaireandJanae for baby items and ClaireandMeDesigns for graphic arts and photography. Tell her Rachelle sent you. ;-)

And most exciting of all - MORE AWESOME ITEMS ARE COMING SOON TO MY ETSY SHOP! Stay tuned for all the updates and changes!

One more thing - I have a few Etsy sellers I love and will be featuring after the blog makeover; sort of my version of Etsy's Featured Seller. I plan to do approximately one feature every 5 days or so. I love/loved learning about the different sellers on Etsy and hope you do too! I've got some great sellers lined up and can't wait to share their interviews! Stay tuned!

- Rachelle