Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stay Tuned For The "Saturday Selections!"

I have, once again, dropped off the radar. Honestly, my health is not good. I don't typically like to go into it (especially on the Internet, where anyone can read it)!

Moving right along, I have decided to try harder on the Blog front. I am inspired by my sister Janae's blogging efforts. She has multiple blogs and does blogging for Etsy teams too. I like her Etsy blog a lot. (That blog is: so you can follow it - you will love it!)

One of the cool things she does is the "Thursday Three." She basically selects three items from Etsy and says why she likes them.

Now, to me, this is AWESOME. For example, one of my favorite things about the O! Oprah Magazine is the O! List! How sweet is it to share your favorite things and have other people possibly/probably agree with your good taste?!? True, it would also be sweet to have people buy you these things, but let's be real; praise of your good taste is the next best thing.

So, I have decided to borrow liberally from my sister's blog (Hey Janae, you did not make this idea up - I am sure of it!) and debut the "Saturday Selections." I know, you are very excited! So am I.

Stay tuned for the next entry with the "Saturday Selections!"