Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back And Better

Linocut by thebigharumph on Etsy

I am back, after sadly neglecting my blog for a super long time. Wait, it gets better! I will be having an awesome giveaway on my blog! I'm still working out the details, but you'll definitely want in on this! Who doesn't love free stuff?!? And it's even better when it's awesome free stuff right before Valentine's Day! Check back tomorrow! (Seriously, I will be back this time!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Selection Perfection

A BIG part of what I do on Etsy is Selection Perfection leadership. Selection Perfection is a Treasury team and I love making Treasuries. I am going to start posting some items from team members on my blog, including Treasuries they make - and ones I make!

Until two days ago I was the captain of Selection Perfection. However, with the doctor's appointments I have been having for my lungs and heart, my co-captain Jessica (Ellabelleboutique) is now the captain and I'm a co-captain. This change has given me mixed feelings, but is for the best. I really need to focus on my health. Not too mention that I am tired all the time....

Anyway, I will be updating my blog more and including great Selection Perfection items.

If you want to follow Selection Perfection's Blog, please do! Here is the link:

We have Treasury challenges, awesome interviews, and other fun things. Check it out!

Stay tuned for more Blog updates coming soon!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Selections - Earring Addition!

Welcome to a special addition of "Saturday Selections." It's an earring addition! I love earrings and hope you will enjoy these picks too. They represent a varied group of excellent sellers on Etsy. Don't forget to check out their shops and add some new favorites to your collection!

Selection #1 -


Little Fish Stud Earrings

I love these earrings! In high school I had an aquarium and it really relaxed me; that's what the earrings remind me of. They are made by meltemsem and are so adorable! In fact, her entire shop is Extremely Awesome, so I highly recommend you check it out!

Here is what she say's about these earrings:

These lovely delicate fish silhouette earrings are made from sterling silver. They are part of my new collection "Fish's Dreams" .

Selection #2 -

Grace . Earrings . Classic Hollywood Glam . Ovals

I love these gorgeous earrings. They are so beautiful and romantic; perfect for daily wear or a fancy night too! Not to mention that "EllaBelle" (Jessica) is so great - she is the nicest person in the world and has a great sense of humor too!

Here is what she says about these earrings:

"Stunning aquamarine glass gems in 18x13mm ovals. These gems are completely translucent, so the light shines right through!

These sparklers are set in antiqued brass settings. Earwires are antiqued bronze leverback earwires."

Selection #3 -


Genuine pearls - strawberry raspberry - 7.5mm real pearl earrings - studs - dutchpearl

Here is what Dutchpearl says about these earrings:

"Each pearl measures in at 7.5 mm. They are handplaced on stamped 925 sterling silver earposts and backings.

Freshwater pearls are known for their incredible lustre and thick nacre. These pearls are a unique and fine quality pearl."

I hope you enjoyed this addition of "Saturday Selections." Etsy has some awesome earrings! Next week I'm thinking of doing a special selection of bath/body products. Sweet!

Please follow my blog too - that would make me really happy. :-)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Selections

Selection #1 -

Cupcake Trinket Box Strawberry PREORDER

Here is one of my favorite things on Etsy. It is a sweet box by FruitflyPie. They rock! I own a ceramic owl from them that brightens my day, and this would do the same! How happy would this look on your shelf?

Their description:
"PREORDER: Made to order, please allow 7-10 days for your cupcake to be made, before shipping.

Cupcake trinket box!

Earthenware ceramic cupcake trinket box in strawberry. Perfect to store all your favorite jewelry and small knick knacks. From the top of the cherry to the bottom it is 4 1/2" high, bottom base is 2 1/4" high and 3 3/8" diameter, and lid is 4" diameter.
I made this using a ceramic mold. After the trinket box and lid were removed from the mold , It is then allowed to dry, cleaned, fired in the kiln, then painted with glaze and fired in the kiln one last time."

Selection #2 -



Isn't this hat awesome!? It is so feminine and practical! It is definitely one of my favorite items on Etsy right now. It is made by DollfaceDeVille; her shop is great looking and I love her photographs.

Here is a partial description for this hat:

"This handmade crochet hat is absolutely charming. I love the vintage inspired and romantic look this creates.
Made using a soft, vegan friendly yarn.
This happy color will inject your wardrobe with smiles for days! By far my best seller!!"

Selection #3 -

Fading Tide Dangle Earrings

I am definitely a "jewelry girl." My favorite type of jewelry is a great pair of earrings, and this definitely counts! I love the selection of colors that glistenbyerin used. These earrings could easily be worn during the day or night. Love them!

Here is her description of the earrings:
"I love these blues and greens together! Three crystal beads of teal, light blue, and light green hang from silver plated earring hooks. Earrings measure 1 1/2 inches including hooks."

Those are my selections for right now. I have been thinking about doing a single selection per day too. After all, I do have about 3,100 favorites to pick from and find new ones all the time!

Hope you enjoyed them!

- Rachelle

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saturday Selections

My Saturday Selections are a bit late this week, but still just as fabulous as ever! I hope you enjoy them and and possibly come away with some new personal favorites!

Here is Selection #1:


Fucshia Pink druzy agate and sterling silver ring- size 6 and a half

Here is an incredible ring made by an incredibly talented artisan, Jane of LittleBugJewelry. I love the bold design and color. I also love the choice of stone. This is a ring that could be worn daily, or as a statement piece! I asked Jane about working on this ring and her overall artistic approach and here is what she said:

"Well, I picked that druzy as a challenge to myself, it was the first druzy I'd worked with, I loved the deep color. I love to find unique stones, if I find a beautiful gem my main goal is just to not mess it up :-). I think of my style as 'rustic glam', using gemstones, but trying to make something with a little bit of a rustic, organic look."

Here is the description of that ring:
"A beautifully patterned fuchsia pink agate druzy (24mm X 10mm) was bezel set with fine silver onto a sterling silver backing. The ring is soldered onto a hammered wide (4mm) sterling silver band. The finish is hammered and polished, but could be oxidized on request."

So, if your style is "rustic glam" check out LittleBugJewelry and you'll be thrilled!

Selection #2:


Crochet Coasters - Red Flower set of 4

Here are some cheerful coasters from MonikaDesign. They have long been a favorite of mine because of two things: they look awesome and would protect surfaces when I am drinking Diet Coke; gorgeous and practical!

Here is a bit from the listing by MonikaDesign:

"Coasters are the Perfect Gift for Everyone!

Coasters are from 100% cotton yarn and this is very beautiful design made by me. This is set of 4 red flowers with a small leaf.

My coasters works better than any coaster you have used before because it picks off the water/moisture the best!
Cotton yarn is perfect for absorbing liquid, so place a set of these on your table or desk to prevent cup ring marks."

Due to the late hour (it's now midnight!) I will load 2 more "Saturday Selections" tomorrow. They are awesome, so stay tuned and don't forget to Shop Homemade!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


As I mentioned in my last Blog entry, here is the debut of "Saturday Selections," which is a collection of some of my Etsy favorites that I want to highlight.

Here is the first selection: (Ever! How Exciting!) -

Commission a Pet Portrait by Roz

This listing is for a 20x24" on stretched canvas so it can be hung framed or unframed. That is one big piece of artwork! Sweet!

The above cute doggie portrait is a previously sold painting.

Here's how it works: "Image of your animal provided by you -
this is for a typical Roz painting, mostly upper body and face - loose whimsical style."

If purchasing, "message me and send photos with a comment about background color preferences. The best photo of your pet is without flash, taken with natural light from a window or door to one side of the animal."

I LOVE my "fur-baby" Cleo (the best cat in the world!) and LOVE the idea of having a portrait commissioned of her. It would make me sooo happy. And Roz (RozArt on Etsy) is so talented. That is why this makes it to the "Saturday Selections" list!

Saturday Selection #2

Earrings Raspberry Pink Vintage Lucite and Sterling Silver, Mad Hatter's Tea Party - RASPBERRY TEA

These are by WildWomanJewelry on Etsy and I strongly encourage you to visit her. Her jewelry and photography are awesome!

Here is some of the description for the "Raspberry Tea" earrings:

"The adventures first...explanations take such a dreadful time."
~ The Gryphon from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

"Luminescent, moonglow rose pink vintage lucite balls, lime green glass and orange acrylic beads are mixed with sterling silver and stacked to create this party-worthy design. Length is approximately 4.5cm (1.7")."

How gorgeous! I have featured them in several treasuries and someday (soon, I hope) the earrings will be mine. I have a feeling her jewelry looks even better in person then on the screen!

Saturday Selection #3

Town Archival Print

This sweet print is by Lisa Congdon on Etsy. There are several things I like about her art. I'll start with this print: first of all, I love the bright colors. If you know me, you know I love color! Second of all, this print reminds me of some of the animation from the early Disney films "Robin Hood" and "The Sword in the Stone," which bring back happy childhood memories. Good things indeed! Lisa Congdon has a varied collection in her shop and it was hard to choose just one thing. If you saw my "Favorites" on Etsy, you would see a ton of her shop there. Hopefully soon you will see a ton of her shop on my walls too.

Here's the brief summary of Town Archival Print:

"11x8.5 inch archival print of original painting on vintage paper, signed and dated by the artist. Actual image is 6x9.5 inches with border, and can be trimmed for framing"

I hope you enjoyed my Saturday Selections. If you have any ideas for possible future Selections, just send me (ShelleAnne) a convo. on Etsy. Have a great day and enjoy your weekend!

- ShelleAnne

Stay Tuned For The "Saturday Selections!"

I have, once again, dropped off the radar. Honestly, my health is not good. I don't typically like to go into it (especially on the Internet, where anyone can read it)!

Moving right along, I have decided to try harder on the Blog front. I am inspired by my sister Janae's blogging efforts. She has multiple blogs and does blogging for Etsy teams too. I like her Etsy blog a lot. (That blog is: so you can follow it - you will love it!)

One of the cool things she does is the "Thursday Three." She basically selects three items from Etsy and says why she likes them.

Now, to me, this is AWESOME. For example, one of my favorite things about the O! Oprah Magazine is the O! List! How sweet is it to share your favorite things and have other people possibly/probably agree with your good taste?!? True, it would also be sweet to have people buy you these things, but let's be real; praise of your good taste is the next best thing.

So, I have decided to borrow liberally from my sister's blog (Hey Janae, you did not make this idea up - I am sure of it!) and debut the "Saturday Selections." I know, you are very excited! So am I.

Stay tuned for the next entry with the "Saturday Selections!"