Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Selections - Earring Addition!

Welcome to a special addition of "Saturday Selections." It's an earring addition! I love earrings and hope you will enjoy these picks too. They represent a varied group of excellent sellers on Etsy. Don't forget to check out their shops and add some new favorites to your collection!

Selection #1 -


Little Fish Stud Earrings

I love these earrings! In high school I had an aquarium and it really relaxed me; that's what the earrings remind me of. They are made by meltemsem and are so adorable! In fact, her entire shop is Extremely Awesome, so I highly recommend you check it out!

Here is what she say's about these earrings:

These lovely delicate fish silhouette earrings are made from sterling silver. They are part of my new collection "Fish's Dreams" .

Selection #2 -

Grace . Earrings . Classic Hollywood Glam . Ovals

I love these gorgeous earrings. They are so beautiful and romantic; perfect for daily wear or a fancy night too! Not to mention that "EllaBelle" (Jessica) is so great - she is the nicest person in the world and has a great sense of humor too!

Here is what she says about these earrings:

"Stunning aquamarine glass gems in 18x13mm ovals. These gems are completely translucent, so the light shines right through!

These sparklers are set in antiqued brass settings. Earwires are antiqued bronze leverback earwires."

Selection #3 -


Genuine pearls - strawberry raspberry - 7.5mm real pearl earrings - studs - dutchpearl

Here is what Dutchpearl says about these earrings:

"Each pearl measures in at 7.5 mm. They are handplaced on stamped 925 sterling silver earposts and backings.

Freshwater pearls are known for their incredible lustre and thick nacre. These pearls are a unique and fine quality pearl."

I hope you enjoyed this addition of "Saturday Selections." Etsy has some awesome earrings! Next week I'm thinking of doing a special selection of bath/body products. Sweet!

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Meltem said...

Oh what a lovely blog! I'm so glad that being here. Thank you so much for featuring my fishes in your lovely blog!