Saturday, October 9, 2010


As I mentioned in my last Blog entry, here is the debut of "Saturday Selections," which is a collection of some of my Etsy favorites that I want to highlight.

Here is the first selection: (Ever! How Exciting!) -

Commission a Pet Portrait by Roz

This listing is for a 20x24" on stretched canvas so it can be hung framed or unframed. That is one big piece of artwork! Sweet!

The above cute doggie portrait is a previously sold painting.

Here's how it works: "Image of your animal provided by you -
this is for a typical Roz painting, mostly upper body and face - loose whimsical style."

If purchasing, "message me and send photos with a comment about background color preferences. The best photo of your pet is without flash, taken with natural light from a window or door to one side of the animal."

I LOVE my "fur-baby" Cleo (the best cat in the world!) and LOVE the idea of having a portrait commissioned of her. It would make me sooo happy. And Roz (RozArt on Etsy) is so talented. That is why this makes it to the "Saturday Selections" list!

Saturday Selection #2

Earrings Raspberry Pink Vintage Lucite and Sterling Silver, Mad Hatter's Tea Party - RASPBERRY TEA

These are by WildWomanJewelry on Etsy and I strongly encourage you to visit her. Her jewelry and photography are awesome!

Here is some of the description for the "Raspberry Tea" earrings:

"The adventures first...explanations take such a dreadful time."
~ The Gryphon from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

"Luminescent, moonglow rose pink vintage lucite balls, lime green glass and orange acrylic beads are mixed with sterling silver and stacked to create this party-worthy design. Length is approximately 4.5cm (1.7")."

How gorgeous! I have featured them in several treasuries and someday (soon, I hope) the earrings will be mine. I have a feeling her jewelry looks even better in person then on the screen!

Saturday Selection #3

Town Archival Print

This sweet print is by Lisa Congdon on Etsy. There are several things I like about her art. I'll start with this print: first of all, I love the bright colors. If you know me, you know I love color! Second of all, this print reminds me of some of the animation from the early Disney films "Robin Hood" and "The Sword in the Stone," which bring back happy childhood memories. Good things indeed! Lisa Congdon has a varied collection in her shop and it was hard to choose just one thing. If you saw my "Favorites" on Etsy, you would see a ton of her shop there. Hopefully soon you will see a ton of her shop on my walls too.

Here's the brief summary of Town Archival Print:

"11x8.5 inch archival print of original painting on vintage paper, signed and dated by the artist. Actual image is 6x9.5 inches with border, and can be trimmed for framing"

I hope you enjoyed my Saturday Selections. If you have any ideas for possible future Selections, just send me (ShelleAnne) a convo. on Etsy. Have a great day and enjoy your weekend!

- ShelleAnne


Wild Woman Jewelry said...

thank you so much for including my earrings in your Saturday selections! I used to have a puppy that looked just your first choice-- gorgeous! happy weekend,
karon :)