Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saturday Selections

My Saturday Selections are a bit late this week, but still just as fabulous as ever! I hope you enjoy them and and possibly come away with some new personal favorites!

Here is Selection #1:


Fucshia Pink druzy agate and sterling silver ring- size 6 and a half

Here is an incredible ring made by an incredibly talented artisan, Jane of LittleBugJewelry. I love the bold design and color. I also love the choice of stone. This is a ring that could be worn daily, or as a statement piece! I asked Jane about working on this ring and her overall artistic approach and here is what she said:

"Well, I picked that druzy as a challenge to myself, it was the first druzy I'd worked with, I loved the deep color. I love to find unique stones, if I find a beautiful gem my main goal is just to not mess it up :-). I think of my style as 'rustic glam', using gemstones, but trying to make something with a little bit of a rustic, organic look."

Here is the description of that ring:
"A beautifully patterned fuchsia pink agate druzy (24mm X 10mm) was bezel set with fine silver onto a sterling silver backing. The ring is soldered onto a hammered wide (4mm) sterling silver band. The finish is hammered and polished, but could be oxidized on request."

So, if your style is "rustic glam" check out LittleBugJewelry and you'll be thrilled!

Selection #2:


Crochet Coasters - Red Flower set of 4

Here are some cheerful coasters from MonikaDesign. They have long been a favorite of mine because of two things: they look awesome and would protect surfaces when I am drinking Diet Coke; gorgeous and practical!

Here is a bit from the listing by MonikaDesign:

"Coasters are the Perfect Gift for Everyone!

Coasters are from 100% cotton yarn and this is very beautiful design made by me. This is set of 4 red flowers with a small leaf.

My coasters works better than any coaster you have used before because it picks off the water/moisture the best!
Cotton yarn is perfect for absorbing liquid, so place a set of these on your table or desk to prevent cup ring marks."

Due to the late hour (it's now midnight!) I will load 2 more "Saturday Selections" tomorrow. They are awesome, so stay tuned and don't forget to Shop Homemade!


janaemadsen said...

love the ring.

Sara said...

OK..#1 that ring is so awesome! If I didn't have sausages for fingers and IF I ever left the house and actually wore lots of jewelry, I'd be owning it!
AND...#2 I won a set of MonikaDesigns's coasters and they are even CUTER in person, and SO well made. Great gift ideas!

Little bug jewelry/Jane said...

Thank you so much for featuring my ring here!